‘All in Night’ is such a wonderful resource for parents! At a time when so many parents are busy and time poor, we cannot forget that one of our greatest privelleges is raising strong and happy children with a clear sense of purpose and social conscience.

‘All in Night’ is a true example of how setting aside purposeful family time can create a bond and sense of unity within families.

I loved reading this book. It is easy to follow and gives clear examples for any parent
to follow.

What a wondedrful gift Lynne has provided for families!
— Sharon Witt - Author, Educator and Speaker Director of Teen Talk International www.teentalkinternational.com

It has been my privilege to facilitate Lynne’s ‘All in Night’ workshops where parents, single parents, expecting parents, people employed within educational and child care industries have all participated and have all received priceless tools that can be easily transposed into any life story.

I encourage you to consider having Lynne speak about ‘All in Night’ to your womens group, organisation or community group and believe that the reward and blessings will be well worthwhile.
— Sally Cahill -Children and Families Co-ordinator, Liquid Church Mornington, Victoria

I bought Lynne’s book after hearing her speak about her ‘All-In Night’, and I just love the way she and her husband Chris, have built a solid foundation for their kids.

Even as adults, they still keep coming home for ‘All in Night’. I really want that! I want that on going connection, being part of my kid’s lives. I don’t want my kids to leave home and not keep in touch.

Most of all, I have been inspired by Lynne and Chris to teach my kids and give them a good grounding so they can deal with the challenges that life throws at them. Things like attitudes, honesty and having confidence in their own worth and abilities.

Thankyou Lynne for the great advice, encouragement and practical examples in your book.
— Kerry Dell - Mother of four young girls Rye, Victoria

Lynne and Chris Burgess have done two great things. They have raised a large family rather well, and they have found a simple family ritual which helps parents to proactively teach and learn with their children about the things that matter. In an age when most families let the consumer culture roll over them, Lynne and Chris took a stand and figured out how to give their kids confidence, dreams, and a place to be themselves.
— Steve Biddulph - author of Raising Boys and Manhood