Exciting new speaking topics for 2017!

Help … I have a mother-in-law! Help … I have a daughter in-law!
Lynne has been a daughter in-law for over 30 years and a mother in-law for over 10 years. She has experienced many of the ‘hiccups’ that women face each day, as they understand where they fit into these roles. Today, Lynne has fantastic relationships in both these areas… but not through chance. Come and hear about her experiences and learn how you too, can have great relationships with your in-laws.

Learn to thrive during the ‘empty nest syndrome’!
We pour our lives into our babies then it seems one day, they grow up and don’t need us any more! Even though Lynne still has 2 young adult kids living at home, she has experienced 3 of her children moving out of home. Come and hear how she coped during this time and how she learnt to live ‘life to the full’ while still maintaining a ‘cheerleader’ attitude to her adult kids.

Surviving the teenage years!
Imagine having 5 teenagers in your home all at the same time! Come and hear how Lynne survived during that period of her life as a Mum… (at times minus the thriving). You can also come out the other side enjoying a strong relationship with your teenagers in tact as they become adults.

Being married to your best friend!
From the ‘honeymoon’ period to blissful retirement with your best friend and all the ups and downs in between. It can be done! Lynne shares from her heart some of the stories from their 33 years of marriage and how she learnt to build a resilient marriage. She is vulnerable, down to earth and will hit home with many women.

Living with confidence, purpose, courage and a healthy self esteem!
For years, Lynne lived with a low self esteem and lacked confidence as a Mum and as a woman. Today things are very different as she focuses on the things she can do,rather than the things she can’t. Learn how to trust your judgment, find your purpose and live life to the full whatever stage you’re at!

Sick of being disappointed by others?
There is an easier way. When our friends, family or colleagues let us down… It’s hard not to take it personally. Once we understand why this is, it will change the way you live each day. It certainly changed Lynne’s perspective. Come and find out how you can win every day and reduce the disappointment.

How to make and keep friendships simply through listening.
Lynne will be sharing a few simple guidelines for being a good listener and how to maintain great friends. Join in the fun as together we share ways to build lasting and quality friendships and keep the lonely birds away.