All-in Night workshops & speaking events 2017

Two Hour Workshop - $15 pp
Lynne is available to speak at your Church, Women’s Breakfast, or Coffee & Dessert Night!
Cost - $100

Lynne has worked with Playgroups and women’s groups over the past 25 years and is passionate about women and families. She is honest, raw and down to earth. Lynne’s presentation will explain the reasons behind All-in Night, how it works, and also give examples of different topics. Lynne shares her personal story of ‘overcoming difficulties from her childhood’, ‘learning to live with confidence and a healthy self esteem’ and ‘raising 5 children to adulthood’. Your women will leave feeling validated, inspired and empowered!

Lynne’s session with our playgroup was appreciated by all who attended. I loved the way she took the time to speak to each mum and their child/children so she knew her audience. She interacted really well with our playgroup families. Lynne was open and honest in speaking and sharing her experiences; the whole session was a real encouragement for everyone. I would recommend Lynne to any playgroup. She is so warm, friendly, supportive and accommodating. It has been the highlight of our playgroup year.
Christie Smith, Wonthaggi Baptist Playgroup Coordinator

Lynne’s warm and positive personality shines through when she’s speaking. Her talks are entertaining, yet filled with practical tips and heart warming personal anecdotes. I have noticed she has a rare gift of being able to draw members of her audience in, helping them to not only feel at ease but that she values their participation.
Janet Camilleri, QLD

By the end of Lynne’s workshop my mind was buzzing with ideas as to how I could implement the concept of All-in Night at home, tailoring it to my family’s specific needs. The beauty of All-in Night is that it can be adapted over time as the needs of children change, as well as the issues they face. As a parent, and a busy working mum, I would definitely recommend attending an All-in Night workshop.
Lisa Limbrick, Bathurst Presbyterian Church

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