Like many parents I only want what’s best for my children, but because children don’t arrive in the world complete with a user-friendly manual, it can sometimes be challenging to know what to do as a parent (and how to do it!). With this in mind, I recently jumped at the chance to attend an All-in Night workshop, in the hope of gaining some useful parenting tips. And how rewarding it was. Parenting ‘tips’ were only the beginning of what was a highly interactive and thought provoking session on ways to not only engage with my children, but to equip them with skills that would serve them throughout life. Lynne skillfully outlined many practical, hands on examples of how to address anything from bullying to hygeine to kindness, in as little as 15 minutes a week. By the end of Lynne’s workshop, my mind was buzzing with ideas as to how I could implement the concept of All-in Night at home, tailoring it to my family’s specific needs. The beauty of All-in Night is that it can be adapted over time as the needs of children change, as well as the issues they face. As a parent, and a busy working mum, I would definitely recommend attending an All-in Night workshop.
— Lisa Limbrick - Bathurst Presbyterian Church

Lynne’s session with our playgroup was appreciated by all who attended. I loved the way she took the time to speak to each mum and their child/children so she knew her audience. She interacted really well with our playgroup families. Lynne was open and honest in speaking and sharing her experiences; the whole session was a real encouragement for everyone. I would recommend Lynne to any playgroup. She is so warm, friendly, supportive and accommodating. It has been the highlight of our playgroup year.
— Christie Smith - Wonthaggi Baptist Playgroup Coordinator

It was a great morning with lots of wisdom and encouragement shared by Lynne to our Mums. I really loved the vibe Lynne set for the morning; friendly, encouraging, affirming, genuine. Lynne’s presentation was engaging and relevant and I’m sure our Mums will have some positive stories to share in the future regarding All-in-Night.
— Jeanine Batty - Chaplain at Flinders Christian College (Tyabb)

Sharing the real life examples of how ‘All-in Night’ worked within the Burgess family was just a superb way of showing us how easy and fun teaching your kids incredible life lessons can be. Lynne’s passion for parenting when speaking to Mums is seriously infectious. She is honest, raw and down to earth and makes you feel good about being imperfect through her own real life stories. Lynne gives you hope that by putting in place some simple techniques that your kids could grow up to be as happy as hers.
— Georgia Murch - Executive Manager at FCB Group, Melbourne & Single mother of two

Lynne came to speak at our MOPS (Mothers Of Preschoolers) Group and captivated the women with her encouraging words and suggestions on ways to enrich our family life. Her presentation was very interactive, giving the mums an opportunity to reflect on their own principles and the morals they would like to instill in their children. I just loved the practical ideas that Lynne shared from her book; making a conscious decision not only to talk about certain values that she felt were important, but to give her children an opportunity to practice those values in simple, age-appropriate ways during the week.
If you get a chance to hear Lynne speak or to read her book ‘All-In Night’, take it up!
— Natalie Powell - MOPS Coordinator, One Community Church

Lynne was a guest speaker @ our one of our Thermomix branch meetings. Our team is a mixed bunch of working women of all different ages and stages of life. Lynne spoke openly and honestly about her life as a mother and as a woman struggling with confidence and identity. Lynne stressed the importance of having confidence in ourselves and reminded us to have faith in who we are as women.

Lynne’s book All-In Night is a great tool for families and to have her speak to our group of working mums was such a blessing. We can’t wait to have Lynne back next time she is in Qld!
— Karli Farrow - Thermomix, Qld Branch Manager

What a highly motivating speaker! Lynne shared her personal experiences as a mum of five. She spoke passionately about committing to a weekly ‘family time’ and outlined her “All-In Night” to our very interested parent group. Lynne challenged us to take action, helped us to reflect on our personal goals and reminded us of the importance of modelling a positive attitude for our children. I would highly recommend her to speak to your staff and parent body too.
— Sandy O’Meara - Assistant Principal Balnarrring Primary School, Victoria

Lynne Burgess was the guest speaker at one of our most successful Women’s Events we have ever held. As she shared her life with us as a woman, a wife and a mother of five children she took us on a journey of honesty, openness, healing and hope in her life. But her most impacting gift she gave us all was her incredible joy and privilege of being a mother. She shared many powerful and practical insights from the book she has written titled - ALL-IN NIGHT. It is an incredible handbook and resource to inspire you to intentionally connect and nurture personal growth with your children and deeper family connections. Our women left the night inspired, encouraged and empowered!!! Thank You Lynne!
— Christine Otten - Women United, Antioch House Church Carrum Downs Victoria

We have about 70-80 girls living in the Boarding House at a time, most of which are international students between the ages of 15-20. Lynne Burgess came to visit our girls to talk about some of the topics she covers in her book, ‘All-In Night’. I was pleasantly surprised at the way they responded to the discussion about ‘love languages’.

Lynne’s positive exuberance really rubbed off on the girls and before long, the room was buzzing with excitement as they all began to think and talk about their own love language. It gave them valuable insight into the way we all communicate with each other, and why each one of us is different.

Lynne also spoke about self-esteem and how we can all contribute to another person’s self worth. She used visual props and audience participation to make the whole experience captivating and appealing. I found Lynne to be such an inspirational and positive role model for our teenage girls, I would not hesitate to have her come back and talk to us again.
— Natalie Kinsella - Acting Head of Boarding Toorak College, Mt Eliza, Victoria